Playtime Clubs

The playtime clubs are curriculum-based programs that we use as an after school club or throughout the school sports package.


We have created a curriculum that will help develop the student’s abilities in rugby as well as increased hand eye co-ordination, communication and teamwork skills that will be valuable throughout their development.


Our Athletics club will aid in the development of the core strength, balance and flexibility of your pupils. Especially important when preparing children for your sports day.


Whether you use football as an afterschool club or as a part of your curriculum, our sessions will teach the fundamentals of football in a unique and exciting way.

Take a look at the other sports that Playtime specialises in.


Playtime Coaches specialize in teaching early years, key stage one and key stage two children the fundamentals of sport in a fun and exciting way. Our aim is to get as many children active and healthy through school sport as possible. At the moment we coach at over one hundred schools and nurseries within South-west London. We are proud to have given roughly 10,000 children their first experience of tennis, football and our other Playtime Sports.

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